Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are generally the first line of defense when a fire breaks out at your workplace.

Anytime you detect a fire, or just the first signs of fire, you should alert your local fire department immediately.

But until help arrives, a full, properly maintained fire extinguisher can help minimize damage to your business and injury to your employees or customers.

Fire Classifications and Types of fire extinguishers

With DeLau Fire Services you can be assured that your equipment is:

  • Properly located and easily accessed.
  • Appropriately deployed against hazards specific you your facility.
  • Full charged and ready for immediate use.

DeLau Fire Services provides inspections at intervals to suit your safety needs: Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly. Always providing a 10 step inspection that includes the following:

  • Visual inspection of all extinguishers on site.
  • Verifying the 12 year hydrostatic and 6 year maintenance test dates.
  • Weighing/hefting of the extinguishers to determine it’s fullness.
  • Visual inspection of pressure gauges.
  • Removal and replacement of tamper seals and safety pull pins.
  • Removal of discharge hoses and check for continuity.
  • Inspection of valve assemblies.
  • Cleaning and re-hanging all extinguishers.
  • Review the extinguisher placement, size and type.
  • New certification tags to keep you in compliance.

What you are getting from DeLau Fire Services is:

  • An established company – we have been servicing the mid-Michigan area since 1951. Our technicians have over 110 years of combined experience in the fire protection industry.
  • A fully insured company – we carry $1,000,000 worth of completed operations insurance. This type of insurance differs from a general liability policy in that it remains in effect all year as compared to just when the company is in your facility. Check your service tags on the extinguishers for disclaimers. You should also check your service agreements and contracts for disclaimers and request a copy of insurance coverage and specify product liability and completed operations insurance. You are, after all, paying us to do a proper job and stand behind our work.
  • A full service, in-house operation – we perform our own hydrostatic testing of CO2 and dry chemical fire extinguishers. We are a certified testing facility and our equipment is in compliance with DOT regulations.
  • Membership in the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.) – this organization is the law making agency of the federal government relative to fire and safety equipment. Our work complies with their standards.
  • Membership in the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (N.A.F.E.D.) – this association helps keep us informed of new products in the field and notifies us of obsolete equipment or equipment that has been recalled. They also supply us with service manuals and technology on how best to keep your equipment in working order.
  • Capability to service and recharge at your location (except hydrostatic testing). If we have to remove your equipment for testing, loaners of equal size and rating are left with you.
  • Professional surveys – our service drivers receive extensive training to be highly qualified to inform you of your protection needs and requirements.
  • Quality products and equipment – our fire extinguishers are manufactured by Badger Corporation and carry a six year guarantee against defects in workmanship or pressure leakage.
  • Fire education – we offer a hands-on fire-training program complete with videos. We will train your staff in the proper selection and use of fire equipment in the event of fire.
  • Employee purchase program – reduced pricing on fire extinguishers, first aid kits, smoke detectors, and emergency escape ladders made available to your employees for their homes, cars, boats and cabins. Fire Classifications and Types of fire extinguishers

Fire Classifications and Types of fire extinguishers

To schedule a free survey, recharging or inspection, please visit our Contact Us page and contact the Division applicable to your needs.