We Design and Install State-Of-The-Art Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems.

DeLau Fire Services is one of Michigan’s leading fire protection and life safety company, providing the highest quality design, fabrication, and installation services for a wide variety of automatic fire suppression and alarm systems. Our trained and experienced professionals have the technical expertise to ensure that each project is professionally engineered and installed to meet today's stringent fire codes and specifications.

Designing Systems That Meet Your Objectives.

Each fire suppression and life safety design and installation project requires a thorough understanding of your objectives. From the beginning, our team of project managers, designers and engineers works closely with you and the appropriate fire officials to ensure the design meets your objectives, your insurance requirements, and the latest national, state and local fire codes and specifications.

Flexibility Built Into Each Design.

We build flexibility into your fire suppression and life safety design so that your systems can be modified to meet your future business growth and tenant improvement needs. The system we design and install today will be a viable and expandable system tomorrow.

A Professional Installation Team

Our team of professional installers and supervisors have formal and hands-on training of the equipment, codes and standards that are specified for your project. Experienced supervisors direct the careful and precise installation and testing of the fire protection devices, equipment and components. And our project managers oversee the scheduling and communication to insure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Finally, we work efficiently and effectively with government agencies for timely inspections and final system approval.

To schedule a design review, repair, service, or inspection, please visit our Contact Us page and contact the Division applicable to your needs.

Fire Alarm Service with Sprinkler Service

Chances are your building has not just a sprinkler system, but a fire alarm system as well. The two systems are almost always connected. DeLau Fire Services has the ability to inspect both systems in accordance with applicable NFPA codes. Our fire alarm and sprinkler technician teams can save you time and money by eliminating the coordination problems that arise when dealing with multiple companies to provide service on both systems.